Community opinions

Market research was conducted nationally to gauge the community’s current understanding of and attitudes towards transport infrastructure and funding.

Transurban engaged independent market researchers to conduct both qualitative and quantitative research, including focus groups, online discussion groups and an online survey of more than 2,200 Australians. Participants were representatively sourced from all Australian states and territories, in both urban and regional areas.

The knowledge gap

Most Australians know how much it costs to fill their fuel tank, but our market research showed that 88 per cent of respondents have little or no knowledge about where their fuel money or vehicle registration fees go. With such a low knowledge base, reform will need to begin with engaging the community to raise the level of understanding of today’s funding approach and awareness of the need for change.

At the start of the market research, a small number of respondents felt positive towards road-funding reform. After reading information about the current situation, the number grew by 20 per cent. By the end of the exercise, the total number of respondents who felt positive about reform increased by 34 per cent.

67% of Australians

Want to see government take action on the issue of transport and funding reform. Most respondents indicated they believed responsibility for addressing the issue was spread across local, state, and federal governments.

An independent body should look into road funding to ensure their findings and recommendations aren’t influenced by lobbyists or government agendas. An independent body would ensure long term benefits are considered and not the next election. This should be addressed today, yesterday, 30 years ago.
– Respondent – VIC

My advice would be to exhaust all options, learn from what other countries have implemented and see what has worked/not worked (learn from their mistakes and successes), do what is best for the people of Australia, and listen to the people of Australia when they contribute or have their say. Think beyond today and plan for the next generations.
– Respondent – QLD

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